Taking A Poll! Win A Beauty Box!

There have been a zillion ideas floating around my mind about what to blog about next, so I figured I’d see what my readers would like to read about!

A few topics include:
-Primers (face, shadow, lips, and mascara)
-Finding colors to compliment your skin and haid
-DIY Hair (NOT box dye)
-Best Homemade Bath Soothers
-Up Dos
-Down Dos
-Shaping your features
-Brushes (makeup or hair) 101

Give me YOUR input! What would you like to read, beauties? The brightest idea will receive a mini-beauty kit with some of my favorite beauty products!



4 thoughts on “Taking A Poll! Win A Beauty Box!

  1. learning how to flatter your lips with liner!!!! most of us girls dont know how to use the stuff but have the potential to have amazing luscious lips.also a way to actually make it stay without the lies of “15 hour last”. dear jaxx please help our beautiful lips in need.

  2. The perfect summer time makeup. Something light but with coverage, something that will last and protect through sun and sweat and heat. And of course something totally glowing and full of life. I love seeing peoples’ summer looks – everyone is different! But I think we can all agree that finding makeup that lasts through summer heat is really hard! I’d love to see what you suggest.

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