The Eyeliner Guide

Eyeliner can be tricky. From figuring out how to apply liquid liner, to avoiding the raccoon look, eyeliner is arguably one of the most difficult every day beauty techniques to master. But don’t fret! The Eyeliner Guide is the 101 class to framing your eyes.

My Eyeliner Faves:

  • The Thin Pencil:  An everyday, any occasion MUST. MAC Pro Longwear Eye Liner is my go-to. It’s slightly creamy, so you get a smooth, even application and lasts from dusk ’til dawn. Not to mention, MAC is high-quality. You get rich color every application and their products last FOREVER. This pencil is easily worth $20, as you won’t likely need to purchase another for at least six months.


  • The Thick Pencil: Great for a quick smokey look for your night out. Sephora’s Waterproof Crayon Jumbo is the perfect thick liner. It goes on smooth with only one layer, washes off with soap without having to scrub your eyes raw, and lasts through the night. Glitter Black is a plus!


  • Every Day Liquid: Classy winged eyeliner is trending like crazy right now! Nervous about liquid? CoverGirl Lashblast 24-hour Eyeliner rates a well earned 5 stars. The tapered, thicker applicator makes liquid liner a breeze to use (even for shaky hands!). And CoverGirl isn’t lying about 24-hours. Smudgeproof, waterproof, sleepproof, this liner has your back.


  • Thin Liquid: While a thicker liquid liner is easy to apply, thin brush liquid is for the more advanced hand. Lancome Paris Artliner is smudgeproof and perfects the barely there look.


  • The Complimentary Color: Be BOLD! Find a color that compliments your skin tone and eye color and line your lower lashes. I love using MAC’s Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Undercurrent. Don’t know where to start with colors? Hit a makeup counter and have a bit of fun!



 Tips and Tricks:

  • Shaky hands? Try resting your elbows on the counter to achieve that sleek, smooth line.
  • When lining the top lashes, hold your lid down gently by the eyelashes. This lets you line the lashes without any gaps.
  • Lining the inside of your lids (the waterline) can make your eyes bold, but appear smaller. Shade your lids with a complimentary shadow to avoid tiny eyes.
  • DO NOT use liquid on the waterline.
  • For a sultry eye, line the outside of your bottom lashes halfway to your inner eye. You’ll avoid raccoon eyes, while subtly drawing attention.
  • For a natural look, use thin pencils or liquids. Follow your lash line closely. If you’re a light haired gal, browns will look the most natural (though I always recommend black for that POP).
  • Lining the outside of your lashes (opposed to the waterline) will not only frame your eyes, but will make them appear larger and draw attention to them.

Don’t be afraid to try a new look!

Have your own tips and tricks? Have a question about liner? Tweet me @_hellojax, comment, message me!

Stay Gorgeous,




2 thoughts on “The Eyeliner Guide

    • I thought about adding in gel eyeliners, but they are tricky buggers to get the hang of! If you are interested in seeing if gel liner is for you, I recommend Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel. It’s thick for a dramatic look and applies much like a thin paint brush and mini paint pot. No need to worry about it drooping once it’s dry! For a more experienced hand, Bobbi Brown has a fantastic line of gel liners. They are smudgeproof and come in a variety of high pigment colors. However, you do have to purchase the Fine Eyeliner Brush separately. Well worth the price for the dramatics!

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