Taking A Poll! Win A Beauty Box!

There have been a zillion ideas floating around my mind about what to blog about next, so I figured I’d see what my readers would like to read about! A few topics include:-Primers (face, shadow, lips, and mascara)-Finding colors to compliment your skin and haid-DIY Hair (NOT box dye)-Best Homemade Bath Soothers-Up Dos-Down Dos-Shaping your … Continue reading

The Eyeliner Guide

Eyeliner can be tricky. From figuring out how to apply liquid liner, to avoiding the raccoon look, eyeliner is arguably one of the most difficult every day beauty techniques to master. But don’t fret! The Eyeliner Guide is the 101 class to framing your eyes. My Eyeliner Faves: The Thin Pencil:  An everyday, any occasion … Continue reading