Finding Your Foundation and Concealer

    From covering rosacea to adding just a lick of color, finding the right concealer and foundation for your skin and style is just as important as finding the right shades. But walking through a makeup department to try out a new regimen can make any girl feel out of her league. So before you go out on the hunt for your perfect match, equip yourself with these helpful hints for an idea of a place to start.

   Very basics for EVERY face:  SUNSCREEN and MOISTURIZER. Whether it’s Neutrogena’s Skin Moisturizer and Foundation combo, or Chanel’s Luxurious Face Moisturizer paired with a foundation with SPF, these two are a MUST. From preventing sun spots, wrinkles, flaky skin, and oh yeah… SKIN CANCER, your skin will thank you. Also take note that the shades and tones you use in August will most likely be different than the ones you use in December. Despite my best efforts with sunscreen, my winter vs. summer makeup varies by one shade, though it isn’t uncommon to have a two-shade difference.  

  • For light acne, sun spots, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, or mild redness (like around the nose): I recommend my personal routine: a liquid concealer and a powder foundation. I use MAC Select Cover Up and Studio Fix. Dab cover up on problem areas and under eyes, then do a once over with the foundation for an even look. I also give a tip of the hat to Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit- providing two shades to fit your problem area needs.
  • For rosacea, dark scars, heavy under-eye discoloration, and bright acne: Stick foundation, heavy cream foundation, and liquid foundation are a marvelous place for heavy duty cover up. Of course, I’ll scream MAC MAC MAC, but the Vincent Longo Crème to Powder foundation provides rockin’ coverage as well. A great drugstore find? Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse. It comes in virtually every shade and provides decent coverage. 
  • For mostly even skin with few problem spots: a tinted moisturizer can be a marvelously easy perfector. Whether you are looking to flawlessly even out your skin tone or add a touch of tan, tinted moisturizer is your one-stop friend. For daughters that are brand new to the make up world or if you’re especially tight on cash, a surprisingly satisfactory product is JANE Almost Foundation- SPF, mild color, and $4.99. My personal favorite? Clarins Hydra-Care Tinted Moisturizer. It may be a bit pricey, but you use a minimal amount of product to achieve maximum quality, not to mention it has an ultra sheer feel. 
  • For just about every skin type: Airbrushing isn’t just for the red carpet anymore. Dior can give you model perfect skin… for a pretty penny. But wait! MAC saves the skin again with their Studio Mist Foundation! This ah-mazing product gives you PERFECT looking skin for just about any skin type. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long and aerosol isn’t so great for the O-Zone, they say. This product also acquires a slightly more skilled hand and a bit of time in front of the mirror to get it perfect, so I’d save this product for important dates- weddings, photos, anniversary dates, etc. 
  • A Note-Worthy Product: Mineral make-up has come out with a bang in the last decade and doesn’t look like it’s going to be making an exit any time soon. The hype over Bare Minerals isn’t without just cause- it’s light, comes with a thorough how-to, does wonders for not only clearing acne, but also covering it, and I’ve seen it lessen the look of rosacea. It isn’t MY personal favorite for a few reasons and the main one is this: the powders easily get everywhere, like your clean outfit, counters, and white towels. Not to mention, makeup that is being wasted ruining my favorite black dress and not prettying my face is wasted money- and this stuff isn’t exactly cheap. Also, my pale skin just can’t find a match in Bare Minerals. C’est la vie.


If you are one of those lovely ladies looking to stop caking on foundation or your skin type has simply changed over the years and you just don’t know where to start looking, I hope this helped. Be sure to look for tips on application of your new foundation and concealer in up-coming posts!


Do you have a specific skin issue and need some helpful hints? Leave me a comment or shoot me a message, I’m happy to help.



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