Fight The Frizzies

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I have thick, unruly, treated, frizzy hair. It does what it wants, when it wants to and for a long time I looked in the mirror, shrugged, and went about my day. NO MORE!

Here’s where it starts: just like thiamine helps your body turn carbs into energy, biotin helps your body regenerate new skin cells (this includes hair, skin, and nails). So basically, pick up some biotin in the vitamin section and take your dang vitamins.
 Next frizz culprit: your hair dryer. I had been using the same old $10 Walmart brand hair dryer for the last ten years and never thought anything of it. But any lady that has had her hair done in a salon will notice the diffusers on the end of the hair dryers. BUY A NEW HAIR DRYER. I bought one for twenty dollars- the Conair 1875 with the diffuser and air comb. World of difference. The diffuser has changed my life. I’m not kidding.
  So you are taking your vitamins and your blow dryer is no longer outdated. Perfect. Next, look at the products you are using. A dab of coconut oil, Moroccan oil, or olive oil (yes, you heard correctly) are all good places to start. Dribble a few drops into your hands and work it through your hair prior to blow drying. I’m also a huge advocate for Swarzkopf’s Zero Frizz Corrective Hair Serum, which can be purchased at any local supermarket. I bought this liquid magic a few years ago and it lasted until just a few months ago. It smells like sugar, shines like sun, and helps keep those frizzies in check. Be mindful not to add too much, as your hair will look greasy.
  Hair care is a big deal if you want luscious locks. Baby your hair, folks. I use a Keratin or Fekkai Glossing mask once or twice a week. Short on cash to splurge on your hair? Grab some olive oil, heat it either on the stove or in the microwave to that sweet spot between lukewarm and melt your skin off. Then go crazy. You can use a hair dying paint brush method, or you could just go with my glob-into-my-hands-and-smear-through-my-hair method. Your choice. (I would recommend avoiding the crown of your head and your scalp, as these are prone to extra oil). Let those natural fats and oils soak into your parched hair for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. Shampoo thoroughly, maybe even twice and condition normally.

Curling, blow drying, straightening, hair spraying, gelling, or otherwise challenging your hair in a duel, takes a serious toll. Be sure to ALWAYS use a protective spray. CHI is known to have long-lasting heat protection, but KMS California Free Shape has my heart at the moment. Spritz a bit all over to protect your tresses from the heat damage they are about to face. If it’s a down day, throw your hair into a bun, top with a headband, and let it relax! Even the glamorous need a day off.




3 thoughts on “Fight The Frizzies

    • I had the same issue with John Freida. :[
      A great once or twice a week substitute is to go to your local Sally’s and pick up one of the Keratin or Glossin packs. They are around $2 and work WONDERS.

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