What I’m All About These Days.

I think the first time my sister put Sun-In in my hair was Kindergarten and there are photos upon photos she has of her dolling me up. Beauty and make up have always been second nature to me, though I haven’t always utilized the information and skill that seemed to come so naturally to me. As my super glam sister is 10+ years older than I (though, she doesn’t look a day older than I do), she moved out of my parents’ house when I was quite young and I was left to wrestle with my four brothers.

Riding bikes and playing in mud made me feel a little bit…different than the girls I went to school with in the suburban city of Valencia. Maybe it was that I really was different or maybe it was that I only felt that way because of some deep seeded psychological reason. Or maybe that’s how we all feel a little bit until we mature into knowing who we are and what we want. Maybe it’s the cosmos. Despite the why, I had boy short hair until the seventh grade (think a slightly longer hair David Beckham instead of a posh Victoria) and I vividly remember a mustard yellow Winnie the Pooh T-shirt that was at least two sizes too large that I wore until the fifth grade. I think it was sixth grade when I realized that girls my age we wearing jeans that sat snugly at the hip and wearing skirts.

From that epiphany on, it was a free for all on discovering MY style and who I was. I grew my hair into a slightly longer pixie. I dyed it blue. I grew it out and dyed it blonde. Then black. Then every shade in between. And my clothes and make up followed suit. From raccoon eyes, to wearing far too much blush, to a red lipstick that I’m sure did nothing for my skin tone, I was a chameleon of sorts. I am proud to say that my style has always been my own and I’m proud of having eclectic taste. But that’s not to say that my outlandish style has always received the best reception. I was frequently made fun of for one thing or another and I distinctly remember a friend of mine’s mother telling him to stay away from me because I had blue hair.
Now I’m not saying that playing in mud or dying your hair blue are the only options for being a female and I’m not saying that we should objectify or even identify ourselves completely feminine or masculine. And I’m also not saying it is always easy to be YOU. My rockin’ sister has three kids and a fantastic husband, a successful photography blog and company, and has purple hair (perhaps pink now, I can never keep up). We’ve both received backlash for multi-colored hair, “wearing too much make up”, and (me, more so than her) tattoos and piercings. But a few people looking down their noses is a small price to pay for being comfortably open and daring with our unique selves.

(photo credit:hellomisha.com)

So if I’m so dead-set on the importance of being yourself, why is it that I am writing about ways to make your skin prettier, your legs shinier, the perfect smokey eye, and best ways for stress relief? It seems a bit contradictory, right? My goal is not to make anyone feel the need to be a cookie cutter or to be anything they are not. My goal for this blog is to share my personal philosophy and lifestyle, which is actually quite simple: Be the best and happiest me I can possibly be. That means being comfortable with my body, fixing areas of my life that make me unhappy, learning contentment with things I cannot change.
Be the best and happiest you. This is the only chance you get. Whether you are twelve, twenty, thirty, or sixty, it is never too early or too late to start loving yourself and taking the steps to be the best and brightest you. For me, that includes feel-good breakfasts, feeling confident in my own skin, and loving the beautiful life I have.
Be the best you. There’s no one else like you.

Happy reading.


(photo credit:hellomisha.com)

P.S. Interested in photography and learning about that cool chick photographer I mentioned with the purple/pink hair? You can find her here @ hellomisha.com.


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